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Please provide Paypal as payment method.

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  • devvv mm commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this would make the difference in my recommending nsscreencast to others- even if there was a "paypal" surcharge you created... privacy is important- and for me, billing all in one place is important.

  • TB commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For non-US, PayPal & BitCoin is more accessible than Credit Card. Both Stripe and BrainTree offers the same features like transparent client-side checkout. If I may suggest, if you'd still prefer Stripe, then you could also offer payment like BrainTree for PayPal. Because it's more than just security, it's about reachability for your customer too. Hope you consider it.

  • AdminBen Scheirman (CEO / Founder, NSScreencast) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dear "ranter",

    Your comments on small businesses handling payments is well received. I don't want to have anything to do with payments. I don't want to ever see anything as sensitive as that passing through my system.

    That is why I've chosen Stripe as my payment processor. You can read more about Stripe's security here: https://stripe.com/help/security. The basic idea is that you communicate securely with Stripe's server's directly, over SSL and is completely PCI compliant.

    Stripe gives me a single use token that I then use to start the subscription. Once used it cannot be used again, and the payment info is all stored on Stripe's secure servers for renewals.

    I always like to be completely transparent with how payments are handled because I understand the concern (I have the same concerns where I use my card).

    Thanks for taking the time to rant :)

    -- Ben

  • ranter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    want paypal even though it also sucks. Maybe Apple will "finally" enter the payments racket at some point and finally somewhat 'fix' the universally shitty real world POS experience (go ahead explain to me why every single physical payment terminal is different and doesn't even work properly, clearly designed/slapped together checklist style by people who actively hate end users and simply don't care that they are producing inelegant overcomplicated broken crap... sorry I digress that is another rant entirely) but until then, online at least, paypal is one of the only half decent choices with scale available for general use.

    I don't want to set up yet another credit card attached account somewhere with yet another unknown entity that I simply won't take the time to research.

    I find it increasing hard to believe any but a small handful of consumer facing tech corporations that operate at scale will manage to get all the security and privacy considerations of payment processing, personal and credit card info right -- you can count these companies on one hand and they all have the deep pockets and several tens to hundreds of millions of active verified accounts, furthermore their asses are on the line (this combined with deep pockets means something in the real world), and they at least appear to have the technical knowhow, will, and resources to do it right -- protecting from both external and internal attacks with defense in depth and constantly being vigilant to keep it that way.

    Banks and credit card companies, in theory at least, are good at protecting themselves but in doing so they universally suck and are totally incompetent and anti-customer oriented when it comes to customer facing technology and remotely reasonable fees/terms.

    Seriously there are very few companies in the world who can actually hope to operate securely at scale and no small business should be handling its own payment processing or holding customer data they don't need - they have no hope of doing it right as it is a full time job, instead the only security a little guy can offer (since they can't realistically hope to disrupt the existing banking and payment industries to innovate anything better from the ground up) is obscurity and being somewhat less likely to be a target of competent thieves, scammers, and data whores (er I mean Google)

    granted Paypal is very likely a shit experience for the seller with high fees and annoying terms, but I and millions of other people already have an active and somewhat trusted account with them and they are a well known quantity from my perspective, plus they have managed to stay in the business for more than a decade and haven't managed to screw me over yet to the best of my knowledge at least.

  • Richard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would really like to access your content but currenly the only way I could do that is by going through the hassle and (large) extra costs of obtaining a pre-paid credit card which would very likely be rejected by your payement processor anyway. I am from Poland and credit cards are very rare in our part of the world.

    We use exclusively debit cards and rapid bank transfers for online payments (with an extra layer of security for each payment provided in the form of scratch-off cards, sms verification codes and electronic tokens) through a well known payement processor like paypal or a regional equivalent.

    I am certain that you are loosing a very large chunk of potential customers simply because the idea just typing their confidential debit/credit card number into a textbox of a random small business's website seems completely unthinkable as it is to me. Banks in most countries simply don't protect their customers from online scams and consequences of leaked or stolen card numbers like they do in the US/UK.

    Paypal support would be great!

  • Tom Sterritt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My bank charge me a ridiculous amount extra for processing the payment in USD (I'm in the UK) - so I'd rather have to deal with PayPal's exchange rate than a guaranteed 20% charge.
    Regretfully I think I'll have to cancel my subscription until then.

  • Martin Juhasz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    The problem with Credit-Card is, that U.S. think everybody has one. But outside the U.S. it's not so common to have an credit-card.

    In germany f.e. only a few have one, most use an equal thing called "maestro". So i think paypal is a good way for non u.s. people to sign up.

  • AdminBen Scheirman (CEO / Founder, NSScreencast) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm very hesitant to support Paypal, as I've heard way too many horror stories about how they do business. However, I know that it is convenient to consumers.

    I'd like to ask what your primary reasons are for wanting to pay with Paypal. If it's security, I'd happily disclose how I handle payments. NSScreencast.com never sees your credit card number, as everything is handled securely by Stripe, our payment processor.

    In addition, all transactions are transmitted via SSL.

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